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At REL, we are deeply committed to helping Students and Educators learn more effectively through Evidence-Based Education. A recent working paper was published to show that medical students who used our spaced retrieval quizzes the most (top 25% of quiz takers) had a 152% increased likelihood (OR 2.52; p = 0.043) of passing their first semester of medical school compared to those who used it less (lower 75% of quiz takers)

Research shows 252% chance of passing 1st semester*

Using an Automated Spaced Repetition Algorithm to Enhance Learning in Caribbean Medical Students

Using Analytics to Enhance Data Driven Decision Making in Students and Educators

Even though research has shown that educators who use data for decisions can increase student achievement (Carlson, Borman, & Robinson, 2011; Ebbler, 2016, Lai, Wilson, McNaughton, & Hsiao, 2014), studies have also shown that educators and schools are not effective with using data (Ebbler, 2016, Mandinach & Gummer, 2013; Marsh, 2012). Ebbeler, Poortman, Schildkamp, and Pieters (2016), describe data use as being “a complex, non-linear, and iterative process that requires educators to access data, collect data, analyze data, and turn the data into meaningful and useful information” (pg. 20). To make meaningful use of data, educators must have access to actionable data and then integrate this with their expertise and understanding of their context and teaching practices (Coburn & Turner, 2011; Marsh, 2012). In response to this need REL is designed to make data actionable and student specific for both students and educators to drive data driven decisions and improve student achievement.

AI Driven Spaced Retrieval Flashcards

REL AI flashcards are mapped to your curriculum and integrated to your personal data analytics driving data driven decisions, improving your time spent studying, and increasing the amount you learn to maximize student achievement.

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